‘Abdulrahman Deif’ passed away in the prison of Hehia police station due to medical negligence, Sharqya

Justice for Human Rights foundation-JHR has monitored the death of the detainee ‘Abdulrahman Deif’, 59 years old, in the detention centre of Hehia’s police station in Sharqya due to medical negligence, as the centre administration refused to transfer him to the hospital after having a stroke in his brain, and also refused to provide him with any medicine, which cause his entry into a complete coma and was then transferred to the intensive care in the hospital of Hehia district. The prosecution also rejected requests by his lawyers to be released for his medical condition, until he died on Saturday, 8th June 2019.

JHR condemns the medical negligence of the detainee ‘Abdulrahman Deif’ and calls on the Public Prosecutor to open an investigation into the incident and hold those responsible accountable.