Execution is a path paved with Torture

Execution is a path paved with torture. In all or most of the executions – torture is systematically inflicted on victims before they’re sentenced to death or executed. From the moment of arbitrary detention, the victim is physically and mentally harmed and subject to cruel and degrading treatment. When investigated and interrogated, the purpose of the interrogation is to force the victim to confess, starting with detaining him in inappropriate places, whether in prison or in any other place of detention. Another form of torture is often practiced against the death row convict – by denying him visits, communicating with his family, and medical and health care. The path of those sentenced to death is paved with torture even after the sentence is pronounced, so they are held in a private place, waiting to die at any moment.

Twenty years have passed since the establishment of the International Coalition against the Death Penalty, the cruel punishment that is abused by governments and states that still apply it, especially in cases with a criminal appearance, and a political reality. In such cases, sentences are intended to repress civilian politicians opposed to governments. This is especially true in the Middle East, where three countries are in the top five executioners worldwide: Iran, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia – Iran -after China- is ranked second, Egypt is ranked third for two consecutive years, and Saudi Arabia is ranked fourth.[1]

It is imperative that the issuance of death sentences, rather than their execution, be surrounded by legal and judicial guarantees – which must be respected and observed. This requires a fair and independent judiciary, which is non-existent in light of political disputes and the ruling of the executive power over the judiciary.

JHR is keen to affirm its position against the death penalty and those unfair sentences which violate fair trial guarantees, in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that the death penalty is the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. 

The International Coalition Against the Death Penalty has dedicated the 20th anniversary to saying that execution is a path paved with torture. That’s why we have dedicated this report on this international occasion – to talking about the death penalty in Egypt and some of the Middle East countries that are classified globally as being among the top executioners, because of the increasing cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of people sentenced to death.

[1] Amnesty International Link