Accusing activist ‘Haitham Mohamadeen’ in another State Security case

Justice for Human Rights foundation-JHR has monitored accusing the activist ‘Haitham Mohamadeen’ in case no. 741\2019-State Security. On 13th May, 2019, he was summoned by the police station of Al-Saff to know about the new accusations against him, but they illegally arrested him inside the police station, and the prosecutor accused him of participating with a terrorist group to full fill their purposes. Moreover, his whereabouts are still unknown.

JHR condemns and denounces the repression of the opponents, arbitrary arresting them, and accuse them with fabricated false charges, and also calls on the Egyptian authorities to quickly reveal the place of the activist ‘Haitham Mohamadeen’ and to unconditionally release him.