The student “Abdullah Sadiq” from Beni Suef is still forcibly disappeared

ربما تحتوي الصورة على: ‏‏شخص واحد‏، و‏‏نص‏‏‏

The Egyptian authorities still refuse to disclose the detention place of “Abdullah Mohamed Sadiq” , 22 years old, the student at the Faculty of Commerce, Beni Suef University. On Tuesday, 21st November 2017, the Egyptian security forces arrested him while he was heading to the university.
We received many reports saying that Abdullah is being tortured at the State Security headquarters in the governorate, and his family has filed many communications to the concerned authorities but in vain.
JHR condemns the arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance of the student “Abdulla Sadiq” and also calls on the authorities to allow him to contact his family and lawyer and to immediately reveals his detention place.

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