Egyptian police assaulted students for protesting against failure of examination system

Justice for Human Rights foundation-JHR has continued following the assault of the Egyptian police on the students of secondary grade one, on yesterday Tuesday 21st May, as they were beaten to prevent them from protesting against the failure of the new examination system. In this context, JHR
believes that the Egyptian authority is still working to suppress freedoms and violate the right to freedom of expression since 3rd July, 2013. The attack on the students and the arrest of some of them is considered as an unjustified and legally unacceptable abuse. The freedom to demonstrate is guaranteed to human beings under the Egyptian Constitution and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

JHR warns of the continued deterioration of the human rights and the legal situation in Egypt – especially violations committed by the Egyptian police of arbitrary arrest, torture and inhumane treatment, and calls for stopping all violations and the necessity of the accountability of the perpetrators.