Six citizens are referred to the Mufti to approve their execution

On Wednesday, 22nd May, 2019, the Giza Felonies Court referred the case papers of 6 citizens :
1 – Mohamed Salah Said Abd Rabbo (Nahia)
2- Mohamed Abdul Latif Al-Rifai (Nahia)
3 – Islam Kamal Abul Fattouh Matarah (Nahia)
4- Islam Mahmoud Abdelfattah Abu Almajd (Nahia)
5- Fayez Abudagher (Nahia)
6 – Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al-Batawi (Bani Majdul)

, to the Mufti to approve the judgement of executing them in the case known to the media as “Popular Resistance Committees in Kerdasa,” in which 70 citizens are being tried. The court accused them of forming an armed group with the aim of disrupting the constitution and the law and targeting state institutions.

Justice for Human Rights foundation-JHR condemns the above-mentioned judgements and, again, calls for abolishing the death penalty in Egypt, as the Egyptian authorities widely use it to destroy their political opponents. JHR also calls for retrying the citizens before a neutral and impartial judiciary that provides them with the conditions and guarantees of fair trials.